Weatherization Contractor Info

Contractors are asking how the $5 billion influx of funding into weatherization is going to affect job creation and local economies for contractors, and what they need to know to play a part in this monumental change to the 20 years-old weatherization assistance program.

The Short Answer

Every providing agency handles this differently. Some have a weatherization team on staff who specialize not only in the program's weatherization guidelines but also in getting the most good out of every dollar spent. Other agencies hire local contractors to do the work, and in the past there has been a waiting list and only a small number of homes are done each year per county. Because the program is administered by local community action agencies, donated funds and volunteer efforts are often part of the resources used and the agencies work hard to make that go as far as possible. The only way to know if your local agency (or agencies if your contracting business serves more than one county) uses outside contractors, is to contact your local agency.

The Longer Answer

Everything's changing. Agencies are under pressure to spend the money quickly, getting the cash into the economy as fast as possible. Agency weatherization staff that has been doing this for years are now faced with ten-fold, twenty-fold, or more homes to weatherize in the coming two years. Some states are looking at commercializing the weatherization activities, bypassing the community action agencies for the new funding, and have proposed this to the DOE. While all state plans are not yet approved, it remains trues that everything is in a state of change, and you can only find out what is being done in your state and county by contacting your local agency directly, and discussing with them how you might be able to play a part in helping them meet their goals and timeline targets.

- Bidding on Weatherization Work

If you are interested in providing weatherization services for low-income households, contact the weatherization subrecipient agency that serves your county with the federally-funded weatherization programs. List of weatherization program subrecipient agencies are available here. In states where the Subrecipient procures contractors to perform the weatherization services for eligible households, you are encouraged to contact as many weatherization programs as you wish and bid for any counties you want to serve. The procurement process adheres to individual state regulations and provides for free and open competition in the procurement of weatherization services. If you have questions about the procurement process, timelines, or results, please contact your local subrecipient agency directly.

- Typical Vebiage

Typical verbiage of agencies seeking contractors might be something like this:
"Interested contractors must be able to perform energy-efficiency measures including but not limited: to eliminating air infiltration through sealing; insulating attics, walls, floors, water heaters, and exposed pipes; installing ventilation fans; weather-stripping doors and repairing or replacing windows; and addressing health and safety concerns. Contractors interested in participating in the program will have to submit notification of interest; vendor qualifications; proposed subcontractors; a certificate of insurance, and a list of references."
(from a 3/25/09 agency flyer in Indiana)