2009 WAP Eligibility Guidelines
48 Contiguous States
Family Size Monthly Income Annual Income
1 1,805 21,660
2 2,428 29,140
3 3,051 36,620
4 3,674 44,100
5 4,297 51,580
6 4,920 59,060
7 5,543 66,540
8 6,166 74,020
Each Additional $623/m $7,480/m

See also: Alaska
See also: Hawaii

Many of the states have just submitted plans for the coming year and the US Dept. of Energy has not had a chance to fully evaluate and approve them yet, so the final version of the above guidelines may be slightly different for your state. Any individual state plans that vary from the above initial guideline will be posted here. Some states may use the LIHEAP guidelines which are not the same as 200% poverty DOE Guidelines. States may also submit updated information to this site by emailing us at updates@weatherize.org